I’m a Georgia boy (Atlanta, not Tbilisi) transplanted to Brussels via Prague and Luxembourg. Workwise, I run Kingfisher Operations, an independent consultancy. I mainly focus on IT-related issues, but sometimes work in other domains, too.

My career to date has consisted mainly of system administration and software development. My primary coding language is Python but I’m conversant in a number of other languages. I’ve worked with a variety of system architectures over the years: Linux, BSD, Solaris, MS Windows, HP-UX, AIX, plus some arcane systems you may not have heard of unless you’ve been in the field a long time. In recent years my career path has shifted towards information security but I pride myself on being a generalist: part coder, part sysadmin, part packet-pusher, part infosec, with a healthy dash of people skills on the side.

Although I work a lot with computers I see them as tools fitting into a wider context, not as ends in themselves. My interests outside the computing domain include history, maths, economics, scenario planning, archiving, philosophy, linguistics, geopolitics, and literature. I’m also a licensed private pilot.

I’m the proud papa to a beautiful little girl named Evelyn Sky. I have quite possibly the greatest dog in the whole city of Brussels, an Akita Inu named Nadya. On top of this, I had the unimaginable good luck to find one woman in this world who’ll put up with me, my lovely wife Katka.

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Opinion is sharply divided regarding the value of technical certifications. As it happens, I am both a Splunk-certified Architect & Developer and an (ISC)^2 CISSP. Just thought I’d mention the fact, in case that sort of thing matters to you.

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Available upon request. (See contact details above.)