rss postsen-usTue, 25 Mar 2014 11:18:59 -0000*nix dotfile heaven with git + post-merge hook've horsed around with managing my dotfiles using svn and git but never took a really systematic approach before. Now I've seen the light! I introduce to you git-dotfiles. valuing ones time is hard the math was clear I always felt that somehow the conclusions were wrong. debugging hell [solved!] unix epoch time to human time I tend to forget and it ain't in the manpage... date -d @<epoch time> through Curtis' new documentary series, All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace Now open-source design contest your feeling about certs...'s fair to say that passing the CISSP has one indisputable advantage: not reading Shon Harris again. :-P failures of 2.0 as a metaphor, Gov2.0, and the Arab Spring Gorey stationary backwards Sky Darley was born Sky Darley was born 02.05.02010 at 11:26 CET, weighing in at 3.575 kg and stretching to 50 cm. pictures and I are getting married wedding will take place in the <a href="">Botanical Gardens</a> in Prague 3 October 2008 at 11:30am. <br /><br /> :-) in point...<a href="">this Guardian article</a> today... endorses Obama morning... move here, in a funny hat, at the zoo on a treadmill... can I find refuge? out time...! The sofa is no more!!!, introspection, not getting anywhere..., screw you Chik-Fil-A lemonade DMCA police! long have I loved you?