(think) tags: blog, emacs, swdev

1bag1world tags: bags, blog

43 Folders tags: lifehack, productivity

50 Watts tags: art

AbeBooks tags: books
Adbusters tags: criticism, culturejamming, design, politics
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide tags: bash, sysadmin, tools
Agonist tags: culture, politics, reading
Airplane Flying Handbook tags: aviation, reference
Alexander Zaitchik tags: blog, culture, politics, reading
Algorithm Design Manual tags: algorithms, compsci
An Effective Thank You Note for Any Occasion tags: lifehacks
Anton Chuvakin Blog tags: blog, infosec, logging, tools
App Inventor for Android tags: android
Application Layer Packet Classifier for Linux tags: iptables, tools
archlinux wiki tags: linux, sysadmin
Arduino - HomePage tags: diy, tools
Arduino IDE tags: hardware, prototyping
ARGUS tags: analysis, infosec, netflow, tool
Art of Complex Problem Solving tags: analysis, modeling, systems
Arts & Letters Daily tags: art, culture, literature, reading
arXiv tags: maths
Atlantic Wire tags: culture, news, politics, reading
attrition.org tags: infosec
Augeas tags: configuration, management, sysadmin, tool

b3ta tags: humor, nsfw
Babel Fish tags: language, tools, translations
Backblaze blog tags: blogs, storage, sysadmin
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds tags: gardening, seeds
BayPIGgies tags: community, python
Bazsi's blog tags: blog, syslog
Bibliothèque Hergé tags: brussels, libraries
Bill Cheswick tags: blog, people
Bit Calculator tags: tools
Black Iron Dude tags: blog, cast_iron, cooking
BLDGBLOG tags: architecture, urbanism
Boing Boing tags: culture, fun, news, politics, reading, tech
Brad Marshall's Website tags: blogs, sysadmin
Buildbot: Using Launchd tags: macos, sysadmin
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists tags: culture, geopolitics, nukes, war

Café Belga tags: brussels, cafe
Café Novo tags: brussels, cafe
Cain & Abel tags: infosec, tools, windows
Calculus Lifesaver lectures tags: calculus, learning, maths
Call a Convention tags: politics, reform, usa
Car Busters tags: cycling
carnal0wnage blog tags: blog, infosec
catonmat.net tags: blog, sysadmin, tools
CBC Massey Lectures tags: culture, lectures
Center for Democracy & Technology tags: free_speech, privacy, transparency
Charles Cave on org-mode and gtd tags: emacs, gtd, org-mode
Charter Cities Blog tags: blog, swdev, urbanism
Chimera Musica tags: blog, culture, music
Chris John Riley blog tags: blog, infosec
Chrome Bags tags: bags
CIA's Secret War in Tibet tags: geopolitics, reading
CleanText tags: tools
Climate Debate Daily tags: environment, news
Coding Horror tags: blog, software, swdev
Cognitive Biases - A Visual Study Guide tags: mindhacks
commandlinefu tags: sysadmin, tools
Conversations about Digital Preservation tags: archiving, longnow
Cool Tools tags: tools
Copenhagen Wheel tags: cycling
Couch-to-5K tags: fitness, running
CPAN tags: perl, swdev
crazy bike messengers tags: cycling, videos
Crooks and Liars tags: blog, culture, politics, videos
Cryptome tags: politics, reading
CrypTooLinux tags: crypto, infosec, linux, tools

Dabeaz tags: blog, python, swdev
Danger Room tags: blog, defence
Daniel Johnston tags: music
DataLossDB tags: data, infosec
David A. Wheeler's Blog tags: blog, open_source, sysadmin, tools
David Kahn tags: blog, cryptology, history
debian wiki tags: debian, linux
Decrypto tags: crypto, tools
Defending Dissent tags: activism, censorship, human_rights
Demos tags: politics, reform, uk
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures tags: algorithms, compsci, data_structures
DistriNet Sysconfigtools tags: devops, meta, sysadmin
Dive Into Accessibility tags: accessibility, web
Dive Into Python tags: python, tutorial
Dive Into Python 3 tags: python
DIY Drones tags: aviation, diy, robotics
DIYbio tags: biology, blog, diy
Django tags: framework, python, web
Django packages tags: django, framework, python, swdev, web
dnsstuff tools tags: dns, sysadmin, tools
Dog Eat Blog tags: blog, prague
Dojo Reference Guide tags: javascript, swdev, tools, web
Donald Knuth tags: compsci, people
Doomsday Chests tags: longnow
Doré - New Testament tags: art, religion
Doré - Old Testament tags: art, religion
Doré Art Images tags: art, religion
dude abides tags: blog

Early Modern Paleography tags: paleography
ECB Historical Exchange Rates tags: economics, finance
eclectech tags: blog, fun
Economist tags: analysis, news
EDGE tags: culture, reading
Edward Lear's Nonsense Works tags: fun, humour, poetry
effbot.org tags: blog, python
Effective Emacs tags: blog, emacs
Effing Package Management tags: packaging, sysadmin, tools
ejabberd tags: ejabberd, xmpp
elasticsearch tags: data, search, tools
Emacs Lisp List tags: emacs
emacs-fu tags: emacs
Encyclopedia of Diderot tags: culture, history, reading
English Handwriting 1500-1700 tags: english, paleography
EnigmaCurry tags: blog, emacs, swdev
EPIC tags: civil_liberty, privacy, tech
Espresso Book Machine tags: books, publishing
Ethical Hacker Network tags: blog, infosec
Etymology of Foo (RFC 3092) tags: humour, rfc
EU on Twitter tags: europe, news
European Commission Homepage tags: europe
European Digital Libraries Initiative tags: archiving, europe, libraries
European Voice tags: geopolitics, news
Eurozine tags: europe, geopolitics
Example42 tags: puppet, puppi, sysadmin, tools
ExcaliburAlmaz tags: space
Expatica tags: expat, life
Exquisite Corpse tags: culture, literature, reading

Fabric tags: python, ssh, sysadmin, tools
Famous Literary Drunks & Addicts tags: archives, culture, fun, photos
Fantastic in Art and Fiction tags: archives, art, bestiary, fun, illustrations
Fictionwise eBooks tags: ebooks, reading, shopping
Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape tags: infrastructure
Fietsen Koen tags: belgium, cycling, shopping
Filmspotting tags: blog, cinema, culture
FireDaemon tags: sysadmin, tools, windows
fireverse.org tags: blog, checkpoint, firewalls, infosec
Floataway Floatation Centres tags: brussels, decadence
fluentd tags: infosec, log, sysadmin, syslog, tools
FlyLady.net tags: clutter, lifehacks
Fossil Fool tags: cycling
Freezerbox tags: politics, reading
freshmeat tags: open_source, software
Friends of the Beltline tags: atlanta, transport, urbanism

Ganneffs little Blog tags: blog, debian, linux
Gathering for Gardner tags: games, logic, maths, puzzles
Geekcorps tags: tech
github cheatsheet tags: git, tools
Global Dashboard tags: emerging_risks, geopolitics
Global Internet Freedom Consortium tags: anticensorship, internet
Global Witness tags: corruption, environment, human_rights
GNU MP Bignum Library tags: maths, swdev
Google Advanced Search tags: tools
Google Chart Tools tags: charts, data, graphs, visualisation
Google Hacks Database tags: infosec, tools
gpg howto tags: crypto, gpg, pgp
Graphviz -> Visio exporting tags: data, tools, visualisation
GreenFacts tags: environment, health, news
gringo's guide to mexican food terms tags: food, mexican

H Security tags: blog, infosec
Hacker Crackdown tags: history, reading, tech
Hacker News tags: news, tech
Hackerspace Brussels tags: brussels, hackerspaces
HackerspaceWiki tags: hackerspaces
Hadoop! tags: big_data, grid, hadoop, swdev, sysadmin
Hardened Splunk tags: splunk
HathiTrust Digital Library tags: archives
Heapsort tags: algorithms, compsci
Heirloom Tomato Seed Exchange tags: gardening, seeds
HEMPMADE tags: belgium, clothing, shop
Hennessy Hammock tags: camping, shopping, tools
High Country Dulcimers tags: luthiers, music
homepage de jolomo tags: atlanta, blogs
Homestar Runner tags: comics, humour

Icebike Home Page tags: cycling
Idiomatic Python tags: python
Improv Everywhere tags: culturejamming, flashmobs, humour, improv
International Crisis Group tags: geopolitics, war
Internet Security Glossary (RFC 2828) tags: infosec, reference, rfc
Internet Security Glossary, Version 2 (RFC 4949) tags: infosec, reference, rfc
Invisible Things Lab blog tags: blog, sysadmin, virtualization
Irongeek tags: blog, infosec

Jabberwocky tags: blog, brussels, tech
jakl - dog boarder
JamBase tags: music
Jaron Lanier blog tags: blog, culture, tech
Joe's Dic tags: dictionary, english, slang
Journal of Physical Security tags: physical, security
JTAG Pinouts tags: hardware, jtag, reference
Just Another Hacker tags: blog, infosec

Keeping $HOME in Subversion tags: tools
Ksplice tags: linux, sysadmin, tools

LaTeX wikibook tags: latex, reference, tutorial
librarian.net tags: blog, librarian
Life is too short for bad code tags: blog, emacs, swdev
Lifehacker tags: lifehacks, productivity, tools
Limoncelli Test tags: meta, sysadmin
Linux Weekly News tags: news, tech
Linux-PAM tags: linux, pam, sysadmin
Little Czech Primer tags: czech, language
Littlebighuman.com tags: belgium, blog, infosec
LOPSA tags: community, sysadmin
Lorem Ipsum generator tags: design, fun, tools

M-x all-things-emacs tags: emacs
Magnatune tags: music
Maker SHED tags: diy, shopping
Making Light tags: blog, reading
Mako tags: python, swdev, tools, web
Manual for Civilisation tags: longnow
Mastering Emacs tags: blog, emacs
Mathematica programming tags: mathematica, maths, swdev, tutorial
McArthur's Universal Corrective Map of the World tags: maps
McGrew blog tags: blog, infosec
Mesofacts: slowly changing facts tags: longnow
minimal linux tags: linux, software, tools
Minor Differences tags: comics
minor emacs wizardry tags: emacs
Miscellaneous Security tags: blog, infosec
ModSecurity tags: apache, infosec, tools
mod_bf -- brainfuck module for apache tags: apache, brainfuck, web
Mute magazine tags: blog, culture, politics, reading
muttwiki tags: mutt
Mutual Aid - Peter Kropotkin tags: mutualism

Národní knihovna ?eské republiky tags: czech, libraries
NASA Flickr Commons tags: photos, space
Nashbar Studded Tire Review tags: cycling
NEETS tags: electricity, reference
NewspeakWiki tags: culture, language
Nina Simone - Harlem Festival, 1969 tags: music
NIST SHA-3 competition tags: cryptography
No Depression tags: music
Noisebridge tags: hackerspaces
nonist tags: art, blog, culture, design, writing
Nuclear Weapon Archive tags: history, nuclear, policy, technology, war
Nucleus.be tags: belgium, colo, hosting

Occam's Razor tags: sysadmin, tools, unix
Octopart tags: hardware, prototyping
Ohloh tags: community, open_source
Ohmy News International tags: citizen_journalism, news
Olimex tags: hardware, prototyping
On Lisp tags: lisp
One Bag tags: bags, blog
One Thing Well tags: blog, software, tools
Online Etymology Dictionary tags: english, language, tools
Open Organisation Of Lockpickers tags: tools
Open Source Publishing tags: design, open_source, publishing
OpenEEG project tags: biofeedback, tools
OWASP tags: infosec, swdev, web

P2P Foundation tags: activism, culture, p2p
Pale Is The New Tan tags: blog, fun, scary
Panopticlick tags: privacy, tech
Paper Size Chart tags: paper, reference
Parkinson's Law tags: evolution, humour, organisation
Patti Smith tags: blog, culture, music
PaulDotCom tags: blog, infosec
pbrisbin tags: blog, haskell, ruby, swdev
PeepCode tags: screencasts, swdev, tech
Peter White Cycles Home Page tags: cycles
Petrucci Music Library tags: archive, music
Philippe Biondi blog tags: blog, infosec, tools
PlaceOvelo tags: brussels, cycling
Plan 9 tags: os, punk
planet emacsen tags: emacs
platypope tags: blog, swdev
Pogo! tags: comics, fun
Postsecret tags: art, reading
Powell's Books tags: bookstore, shopping
Pragmatic Bookshelf tags: books, publisher, tech
Product Search tags: cabling, geek, plant, porn, sysadmin
Psychology and Security Resource Page tags: psychology, social_engineering
public domain language courses (USFS) tags: language, learning
Puppet tags: sysadmin, tools
Puppet Cookbook tags: puppet, sysadmin
pykeylogger tags: infosec, python, tools

QUattor tags: distributed, grid, sysadmin, tools

RackTables tags: sysadmin, tools
Radio Prague tags: czech, radio
Raffael Marty tags: blogs, infosec, visualisation
Random Hacks tags: blog, python, ruby, swdev, tools
Red Oxx tags: bags
Reporters Without Borders tags: censorship, civil_liberty, press_freedom
reStructuredText tags: markup, tools
Rickerlr tags: splunk
RiseupLabs Puppet Repo tags: puppet, sysadmin
Rivendell Bicycle Works tags: cycling
rootsecure blog tags: blog, infosec
Rosetta Stone for Unix tags: sysadmin, unix
rumint tags: infosec, visualisation
Russell Coker tags: blog, culture, debian, infosec, politics, swdev
ru_medart tags: art, madness

SaltyCrane tags: blog, django, linux, python
Seaside tags: frameworks, smalltalk, web
SecDev Group tags: geopolitics, policy
Secret City tags: history, photography
Sentient City tags: art, culturejamming, diy
Server Fault tags: swdev, sysadmin
Shack/Slum Dwellers International tags: housing, swdev, urbanism
ShadyURL tags: fun, tools
shell-fu tags: bash, sysadmin, unix
Sherpa tags: astronomy, modelling, python, tool
ship locations map tags: maps, tools
SIL: Computers and Writing Systems tags: encodings, fonts, language, tools
Simple Radio Clock for PCs tags: diy, ntp
Site Security Handbook (RFC 2196) tags: infosec, rfc
Slang Alphabetical Menu tags: dictionary, english, slang
Slashdot tags: news, tech
slovnik.cz tags: czech, language
Smart Card Debian Packages tags: debian, eid, smartcard
SmartFlix tags: crafts, diy, learning
social-engineer.org tags: social_engineering
Soekris tags: hardware, prototyping
SparkFun tags: hardware, prototyping, tools
SPF tags: reference, smtp, spam, sysadmin
Splunk Labs tags: splunk
Squeak tags: smalltalk
sslsniff tags: infosec, tools
Starlab Archive tags: history
stefano zacchiroli blog tags: blog, debian, swdev, tech
Steve Bellovin blog tags: blog, crypto, infosec, sysadmin, tools
Stony Brook Algorithm Repository tags: algorithms, compsci
stpeter blog tags: blog, philosophy, xmpp
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs lectures tags: compsci, lectures, lisp
Subtopia tags: blog, urbanism, war
swarm-dpl tags: distributed, language, swdev
SWFTools tags: flash, tools
syslog-ng tags: sysadmin, syslog, tools

Taxis Verts tags: brussels, transport
TEDxBrussels tags: brussels
Tektonica tags: hardware, prototyping
Text Processing in Python tags: python, text
The Algorithmist tags: algorithms, compsci
The Last Question tags: asimov, cosmology, story, teleology
Things I Won't Work With tags: chemistry, humour
Threat Level tags: defence, military, news, security, tech
TimeZone tags: time, watches
tips for jazzier shell scripts tags: bash, sysadmin, unix
tolingo tags: services, translation
Tom Bihn tags: bags
Tom Limoncelli blog tags: blog, sysadmin
Tony's Ethernet Tap tags: ethernet, infosec, tools
Tor's home page tags: blog, tankriot
Twisted introduction tags: python, tools, twisted
Typeforge tags: blog, design, fonts, typography

UberAdmin tags: blog, sysadmin
Umelec magazine tags: art, culture, czech
Unicode table tags: unicode
Unix Guru Universe tags: sysadmin, unix
Utne Reader tags: culture, politics, reading

Victory Heirloom Seeds tags: gardening, seeds
Vimcasts tags: tutorials, vim
VirusTotal tags: infosec, reference, virus

W3C Validator tags: standards, tools, web
What's in your bag? Flickr pool tags: bags
Whole Earth Catalog tags: archive, culture, reading
Wicked Cool Shell Scripts tags: bash, sysadmin, unix
wikitech tags: puppet, sysadmin, tools
Worldmapper tags: maps, visualisation

XayOn tags: blog, swdev, tech
xkcd tags: comics
xmonad reddit tags: xmonad
Xtracycle tags: cycling

Yale Digital Commons tags: archives, photos
YobiWiki: Belgian eID tags: eid, smartcard
yubico-pam - Google Code tags: yubikey
Yubikey and ssh via PAM tags: yubikey

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