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Whatever your feeling about certs...

...it's fair to say that passing the CISSP has one indisputable advantage: not reading Shon Harris again. :-P

The failures of 2.0 as a metaphor, Gov2.0, and the Arab Spring

Edward Gorey stationary

Looking backwards


Evelyn Sky Darley was born
Evelyn Sky Darley was born 02.05.02010 at 11:26 CET, weighing in at 3.575 kg and stretching to 50 cm.
A project is sustainable if it is cheap enough to be the first of a series continuing indefinitely into the future. A project is unsustainable if it is so expensive that it cannot be repeated without major political battles. A sustainable project marks the beginning of a new era. An unsustainable project marks the end of an old era.
--Freeman Dyson